Continuing Education

Financial Behavior Keynote Group has partnered with The Yukon Project to bring you world-class personal finance education. 

Our team of expert instructors brings you the latest insights into how people make choices about money. We go above and beyond with live and on-demand content that makes learning engaging and fun. Our goal is to deliver content that empowers your engagement with clients and enhances your skill set and career. Our focus is on consumers and financial service professionals. Why?

Because we believe that understanding how people behave with money is key to navigating the financial world successfully. This project connects financial service professionals with consumers who are seeking financial advice and help in managing their finances and planning for their future. 

Pro-Hub for Financial Service Professionals

Explore our Pro-Hub, where we have a variety of live classes and on-demand courses designed just for you. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, our content covers everything from the basics to advanced strategies to help you go above and beyond in your career.

Financial Path Academy for Consumers

Financial Path Academy offers courses for consumers who are new to managing money or want to improve their skills. Our courses give practical insights and strategies to help consumers reach their financial goals.

The Yukon Project Powered by Financial Behavior Keynote Group

Financial Behavior Keynote Group is proud to partner with The Yukon Project to offer a platform that suits the needs of both consumers and professionals. Our commitment to excellence ensures that everyone has access to resources that promote financial success. Learn more at